About Us

Know more about Isotron

Isotron is a Brazilian company acting in the industry segment since 1996. Started his activities and strengthened his branded, like manufacturer Equipment and Resistance Welding Machines. Other division has association with worldwide brands, which we represent and offer components for many electrical installations, included in the products offered will find, Interconnection Systems, shielded multipolar sockets, electrical wires, power supply cabinet, and more.

Has a team of technicians and engineers qualified to create and develop solutions and projects for any business.


Since our foundation, we build up a strong confidence relationship in market where does it work, constituting extremely committed company image with the success and satisfy of our customers and partners.

  • Our Mission

    Offer to our customers and partners cutting edge technologies in spot welding, electrical tests and automation. Established in products and quality services, generating value, profitability and the growth of our partners and employees.

  • Our Vision

    Strengthen your leadership in the national market and establish our brand worldwide recognized in quality, confidence and technology.

  • Our Values


    Submerged on integrity and ethic, acting with transparency and responsibility, assuming responsibilities, showing commitment to our cause and constant research for excellency.


    Deeply establishing of intelligence and innovation in technology, it’s the goal to achieve and apply as strategic component and instrument of evolution and competitively.


    Transform new ideas in innovative and creative solutions, assuming inexorable risks to daring of new projects, offering competitive differential and results that create value.

Nossa Localização:

R. João Vicentini, 190 - Lotm Industrial, Alm. Tamandaré, PR, 83504-447
Telefone: (41) 3657-8585