Testing Machines


Isotron has specialized in the developing custom solution for electric/mechanical test for different kind of components. The equipment are mounted with own devices or as well integrated by third parties. Involve electrical signal control acquisition applications and handling. The Interfaces can be developed and customized for each application and user, using industrial HMI or computer, with the possibility of database creation for production/test reports generation.

Examples of tests that can be applied:

  • Application control of AC or DC current levels;
  • Application control of AC or DC voltage levels;
  • Electronic components test in specific positions of circuit;
  • Insolation Test (HI-POT);
  • Visual inspection by cameras/sensor for component presence, inspect position of mounted components or even an specific measurement;
  • Control of force or displacement;

Know some types of tests already developed;

Automotive Components

Equipment for final test of automotive components, as special connectors, brush holder, electronic circuits, etc. Electric and mechanic general test to component approval.

PCI test

Test Jig for different printed circuit boards. Possibility of simultaneous test in multiple boards, manually or automated. Custom projects according to application.

Breaker Circuit Test

Machines to perform normative electrical test, involving calibration and thermal activation / magnetic activation, as well as dielectric resistance in circuit breakers. Precision current supply controlled by PLC or supervisory.

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A Isotron é uma empresa brasileira que atua no seguimento industrial desde 1996. Iniciou suas atividades e consolidou sua marca como fabricante de máquinas e equipamentos para solda por resistência. Em outra divisão possui parcerias com grandes marcas presentes no mercado mundial, onde distribui e representa componentes para instalações elétricas diversas, entre os produtos ofertados encontram-se, sistemas de interconexão, tomadas multipolares blindadas, cabos elétricos, painéis de distribuição de energia, entre outros.

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