Han Modular


Han-Modular® series was designed to combine different transmissions media at a single connector.


Han-Modular® line combines multiple possibilities, it’s possible create connections on plugs with currents from few milliamps to 200A, and voltages from 50 to 5.000V, pneumatic tubes, data lines, shielded busbars system and optical waveguides with POF (Polymer Optical Fiber) or fiberglass. The frame has articulated structure allowing configuration of all modules on bases and housings on existing standards from size 6B to 48B.

The system make it possible reduce the numbers of interfaces and get advantage significant on space reductions, that means low costs with a high level of flexibility.

Principal factors:

  • Flexible solutions according to specific client necessity;
  • Reduction in installation time and production stops;
  • Save Space;
  • Future expansion possibilities;
  • Weight reduction combined with mechanical robustness;
  • Quick mounting process with or without tools;
  • High resistance and applicable to outdoor environments;

The most recent addition was the portfolio Han-Eco® bases and plastic housing (fiberglass) available sizes 6B, 10B, 16B e 24B, can be mounted quickly and they are more cheaper because they do not require articulated frames.

The structures “Docking Frame” allow blind connection when used with holders as found in low voltage commutation devices, CCM’s, battery systems or testing equipment. These plastic frames, mechanically robust, are available for 2, 4 and 6 modules and has tolerance of +/ 2mm, floating system to increase flexibility, with low price.


 Currently are more than 50 different modules and the line increases constantly.

We transform the client necessity in concrete solutions. HARTING brand is globally recognized for quality and reliability.

Certifications are the result of a constant work focused in quality management.

Isotron professionals are in charge of build partnership and customer interaction, developing quickly solutions for the existent demand and necessities.

Request a visit for a complete demonstration of Han-Modular® line.


Han® connectors represent the preference solution for interconnection of data cables, power and signal operating under critical conditions with safety requirements for electric disconnection with high level protection IP65/ IP67. Installations that use Han® connectors are astonish by its robust design, easy handling and modularity in connections of data, power and signal. Han® connectors represent a global standard in the industry, railway technology, as well in energy generation and distribution.

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