Limit switches


CLS Line

  • Plastic case;
  • Stainless steel pulleys;
  • Level protection IP65;
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CWL Line

  • Robust case in cast aluminum;
  • Double circuit;
  • High mechanical resistance; 
  • Level protection IP66;
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TZ Line

  • Narrow and rigid construction;
  • Model with double circuit;
  • Case composed of plastic and aluminum;
  • With cable gland exit;
  • Level protection IP65;
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CZ-93 Line

  • Safety interlock tongue key operated without solenoid;
  • Projected to offer monitoring of small mobile protections;
  • Compact body, in polyester of easy installation;
  • Ideal for application in restricted space can be used with hinges, sliding or suspended mobile protections;
  • Actuator (tongue) selectable, of stainless steel, robust, combined with positive action mechanism, providing a reliable interlock device for safety application, with international certification to attend currently safety norms.
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CZ-3 Line

  • Compact model with injected cable;
  • Solid aluminum case;
  • High mechanical resistance;
  • Oil resistant, water proof and dust proof;
  • Level protection IP67.
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A Isotron é uma empresa brasileira que atua no seguimento industrial desde 1996. Iniciou suas atividades e consolidou sua marca como fabricante de máquinas e equipamentos para solda por resistência. Em outra divisão possui parcerias com grandes marcas presentes no mercado mundial, onde distribui e representa componentes para instalações elétricas diversas, entre os produtos ofertados encontram-se, sistemas de interconexão, tomadas multipolares blindadas, cabos elétricos, painéis de distribuição de energia, entre outros.

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