Equipment and Accessories


Isotron manufacture many types of Welding Resistance Machines (spot or projection), that can be mounted with own devices or as well integrated by third parties. Projects are performed accounting with our R&D experience, as well of technical features from others similar equipment joined with ours clients/partners necessities.

Special conditions for machines integrators, contact us!

Among offered products, there are:

  • WELDING INVERTERS – mid or high frequency welding, greater precision and control of variables involved;
  • WELDING TRANSFORMERS  – Transformers for low and mid frequency welding machines;
  • WELD CHECKERS – Analyzers Portable for Welder Machine and Process Inspection;
  • WELDING MONITOR – Online production monitoring, interlocks in case of failures and reports generation;
  • WELDING COMMAND – Controller for low frequency (50/60 Hz) welding machines with thyristor switching;
  • WELDING HEADS – For welding precision, projected to delicate applications (micro weld) and the most robust;
  • CONSUMABLES – Electrodes, electrode holders, cooled cables, copper flexible shunts, and more;
  • WELDING DEVICES – Designed according to the applications, can be manual or automated;
  • CHILLERS – Heat exchangers portable used for cooling machines with water.

Check out the new line of Isotron compact medium frequency welding inverters. 

National equipment with the most advanced technologies, check out!

Welding Devices

Development of welding products for manual or automatic operations.

Welding Head

Designed to perform precision welding, with easy and quick setup. Any model can be customized as needed.

Welding Command

Monitoring and Control of your welding equipment, know our solutions.

Weld Checker

Analyzers Portable for Welder Machine and Process Inspection, used with low/mid frequency or capacitive discharge.


Linha completa de consumíveis para maquinas de Solda: Barramentos, Eletrodos, Cordoalhas, Cabos refrigerados, Pastilhas de cerâmica;


Cooling of machines with cold water and controlled temperature, supply of Chillers with cutting-edge technology.

Welding Transformers

Transformers for stationary resistance welding machines or trafogun, in low / medium frequency and different powers.

Welding Inverter

Welding Inverter

Know the newest line of mid frequency welding inverter and discover all the advantages and qualities offered for your company!

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A Isotron é uma empresa brasileira que atua no seguimento industrial desde 1996. Iniciou suas atividades e consolidou sua marca como fabricante de máquinas e equipamentos para solda por resistência. Em outra divisão possui parcerias com grandes marcas presentes no mercado mundial, onde distribui e representa componentes para instalações elétricas diversas, entre os produtos ofertados encontram-se, sistemas de interconexão, tomadas multipolares blindadas, cabos elétricos, painéis de distribuição de energia, entre outros.

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