Standard Machines


The Standard Machines
Refers to a group of machines assembled from standard solutions, such as structures, welding heads, controllers and pre-defined general resources attending many applications. The machine could be mounted with low or mid frequency welders, according to necessity. The model classification basically is based on the power characteristics of each the applied technologies.

LOW FREQUENCY Machines => up to 150 kVA (more power under request);
MEDIUM FREQUENCY Machines => up to 360 kVA (more power under request);

*Any standard machine can be customized for specific application, operating automatically or manually.

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Machines’ safety (NR-12)

The safety project of each machine is essential to assure physical integrity of involved operators, adjust and maintenance. ISOTRON have a qualified professional to identify the adaptation and customization necessaries on each project to attend NR-12 norm, based on the application that going to be performed. This stage is essential to minimize impact at the production cycle objective productivity and also the safety. Among the solutions found fixed security protections, mobile protections monitored by safety interface, optical barriers, two-hand control devices, and more ISOTRON works with the best suppliers of safety solutions of the segment, besides counts with partners companies to safety consulting on each project, providing report / correspondent ART.
Comparison of conventional welding resistance machine and mid frequency welding machine.

Table above shows a comparison between two resistance welding machines (spot welding) with equivalent powers. We can affirm that resistance welding process with a mid-frequency machine brings numerous improvements in comparison to a conventional machine (AC current), we stand out:

By the electrical point of view improve the electrical system installed, caused for the high power factor and three phase power supply, the smaller effective consumption reduces the instantaneous system demand;
Superior weld quality, because there is no interruption of current during welding and resistance variation due to heat and materials fusion is compensated by the constant current, also as the thickness of the materials together is compensated in the process;
Superior efficiency of the medium frequency reduces process losses by increasing the efficiency of the operation, as well the reduction of inductive losses of the power transformer secondary.


Check out some examples of standard machines in medium frequency (1kHz – 4 kHz), with closed loop control and DC welding current.


Checkout some samples of low frequency standard machines (50/60 Hz), with tiristor control and welding current (AC).

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