Systems and components for electrical installations

Scame is an Italian company founded in 1963, present with a direct network in 18 countries and indirectly in others 80, manufacture and develops components and systems for electrical installations, with more than 11.000 items in his portfolio, straightly acts in the segments of: construction, port, industry, and more. The Scame’s philosophy is based on a simple principle: The constant research for more functional and practical solutions to solve small and big problems that involve using electrical energy. All this research according to national and international norms that control product’s safety.

With a solid partnership, ISOTRON is an exclusive Scame distributor

Provide an own stock and consultants qualified to develop optimized solutions, keeping in mind get the best investment return for the customers. On the range of products will find:

  • Industrial plugs and sockets;
  • Electrical Cabinet;
  • Ecomobility connectors for electric cars;
  • ATEX line, products for classified areas’;
  • Confined space illumination devices;
  • AMR – Smart socket;
  • switch- disconnector – Isolators series;
  • Cable rewinding for industrial purpose;
  • Multiple adapters;

Know below Scame main products:

Industrial Adapters

Industrial adapters systems for domestic systems.

Switch-disconnectors – Isolators series

Switch-disconnections, option to be mounted in boxes with high level of protection.

AMR – Smart sockets

Socket with interlock equipped with a smart system able to manage industrial electrical installations.

Illumination Devices

Pendant luminaires for reduced space.

GRP Advance Socket System

Products for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Scame ECOMOBILITY, products and systems of charging supply for electric cars.

Electrical Boards

Boxes and accessories for the assembly of panels and electrical panels.

Plugs and Sockets

Complete line of plugs, sockets, couplings, for industrial electric installations. Special application products.

Cables Reels

Cable reels are designed for indoor or outdoor work in a domestic environment, similar or for the industry.

Tomadas padrão NBR

Linha completa de tomadas NBR’s padrão brasileiro para uso industrial ou doméstico.

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A Isotron é uma empresa brasileira que atua no seguimento industrial desde 1996. Iniciou suas atividades e consolidou sua marca como fabricante de máquinas e equipamentos para solda por resistência. Em outra divisão possui parcerias com grandes marcas presentes no mercado mundial, onde distribui e representa componentes para instalações elétricas diversas, entre os produtos ofertados encontram-se, sistemas de interconexão, tomadas multipolares blindadas, cabos elétricos, painéis de distribuição de energia, entre outros.

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