Electrical Contacts


High performance and technology!

ISOTRON developed an exclusive solution for automatic welding and stamping of electrical contacts of many formats and materials. This technology replaces the riveting process, widely used by manufacturers of these products currently.  Based on the raw materials (silver wire or profile + ribbon of brass, copper or related alloys) the system operates automatically, with operator intervention only to execute adjustments or replace the raw material.

SOLDA DE CONTATOS 5      esquema funcionamento

Some applications:

  • Rocker of electrical switches (simple / parallel);
  • Sockets’ borne;
  • Relays’ terminals
  • Showers’ terminals;
  • Level sensors;
  • General electrical switching elements.

The solution basically consists in an ISOTRON set of mid frequency welding inverter, one (or two) welding tweezers and mechanical / pneumatic automated devices. The raw material index its made by pneumatic feeders and the welding its executed in one or two welding tweezers, both activated by a cam installed on the rotatory axis of the eccentrically press. In the welding tweezers the silver wire or profile is cut. Cams are also used to activate sensors to help with automation management. After welding the contacts are introducing inside of a progressive stamper, where finally the component is shaped according to the technical drawings.


Up to 300 parts per minute!

The economy that the system provides it shows through the first month’s usage, this happens for the high productive capacity and mainly the significant reduction of pure metals used on the electrical contact conformation. This is possible because ISOTRON’s contacts welding system is projected to use the exact necessary pure metal quantity to reach the perfect result, avoiding spend material.

The case of bimetallic electrical contact by rivet, for example, most of the structure it’s used to fixing the contact with the base material, as well that is used significant quantity of silver.

Welding and stamping of electrical contacts

  • Application: electrical switch rocker;
  • ISOTRON mid frequency welding system;
  • Productivity: 300 prt/min

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