Systems and components for electric cars

The releases of electric cars to the market create news habits, structures and necessities. In an evolution context, its important establish a set point that can guide better this change, thinking in that SCAME develop the Ecomobility line, that consist in products and systems for charging supply of electric cars.

The SCAME connectors attend the level protection IPXXD according with the high security level and national accord of 12 countries.

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EV READY Certification

When adopting sockets SCAME TYPE 2, Manufacturers that wishing to obtain EV READY certification on his Charging Electric Cars Systems not only will enjoy a component that already attends the most rigid requirements of EV3, but with all of that have the right to get relevant testing of the socket, with a great economy of  time and money.

Promoted by Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and PSA Group, EV READY Certification intends to grant full compatibility between its electric vehicles and certified loading stations in the European market.

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Charging Stations:

Columns: Able to use the two sides for energy charging for electric cars, equipment with sockets build-in with anti-theft device Class 2, Class 3A and Class 3C, or with permanent charging cable, designed for outdoors, private and public application.

  • Charging management in case of failure;
  • Overload protection and electric shock;

WALLBOX: Stations for charging electric cars, particularly adapted to charge in Home/Office.

Techno polymer materials are available to models; WALL BOX / SMART WALL BOX (with energy management) / DUAL WALL BOX.

CORD SET: Charging cable for electric car connection to charging stations.

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