Two-hand Control



Used for remote machine activation where the function is preserve operator safety according to NR12.

  • Developed to be used in cases where the operator is exposed to risk of accident;
  • Two-hand control exist to force the operator to keep both hands on a safety place during the cycle, avoiding possible accidents;
  • Used in: Hydraulic/Mechanical/Exocentric/Brake Press, Guillotines, Welding Machines, Punchers, Trenchers and Tube Benders;
  • According to ABNT 14152 norms (two-hand device).

Standard models


  • Metallic pedestal with height adjustable;
  • Electrostatic epoxy painting, grey color RAL7035 (other colors under request);
  • Superior cover to protect the command buttons and cable output;
  • 2 command buttons mushroom type in green color with 1 NO/1 NC;
  • 1 emergency button with spin unlock with emergency identification and 2 NC contacts;


  • Safety relay with simultaneity;
  • Electrical whip assembling;


*Under request, we develop custom models for special applications, contact us.






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