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Our objective it´s develop customs solutions for each business, offering an exceptional wide product line for industrial automation.

More than 20 years in the segment and with great partners, Isotron acts as distributor, agent and integrator of recognized brands, provide an exclusive consultants team to attend in the states of Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Campinas, Sao Paulo surroundings.

Qualified technical support, vast stock, commitment, quick response and agility in the attendance.

Some of the products offered will find:

  • HARTING – Han Multipolar Sockets, Industrial Ethernet network components, circular connectors, special products;
  • SCAME – Plugs, sockets, Panel for assembly electrical cabinets, special solutions;
  • CABLES AND CONDUITS – Complete line of conduits, connections and accessories, cables for many applications;
  • ISOTRON – Limit switches, micro interrupters, two-hand control, and electric activation pedal;
  • CIRCULAR CONNECTORS – Isotron imports and markets the most diverse types of circular connectors.

Additionally to the offered products, Isotron has an assembling sector, where client has the possibility to get assembled product according to his necessity:

  • SERVICES – Harness and Electric Panel Assembly

Electric Connections Solutions

  • Thinking in connectors?
  • Needs to make a secured electrical connection in your equipment?
  • No matter which is your industrial segment, we have the solution!
  • We’ll go at your facility and will check out all your needs!

 Call: +55 41 3138 8585

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Han® Industrial Connectors, Shielded multipolar sockets;



Micro interrupters, Limit switch, electric activation pedal, two-hand control;



Plugs, sockets, Panel for assembly electrical cabinets, special solutions;

Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors

Circular connectors, M8, M12, 7/8, M23, military, RJ45 and USB;

Conduits and Accessories FLEXA

Conduits and Accessories FLEXA

Complete line of conduits, connections and accessories, cables for many applications.

Harting Han ESpress

Harting, global leader in connectors and multipolar sockets’ manufacturing, innovate once more, check out the new Han ESpress connection system.

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A Isotron é uma empresa brasileira que atua no seguimento industrial desde 1996. Iniciou suas atividades e consolidou sua marca como fabricante de máquinas e equipamentos para solda por resistência. Em outra divisão possui parcerias com grandes marcas presentes no mercado mundial, onde distribui e representa componentes para instalações elétricas diversas, entre os produtos ofertados encontram-se, sistemas de interconexão, tomadas multipolares blindadas, cabos elétricos, painéis de distribuição de energia, entre outros.

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