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DOMINO Series Boxes

  • Level protection IP40-IP66
  • Operating temperature according to the standard reference: -25°C +35°C | Maximum operating temperature: 60°C
  • Power disperse according to CEI 23-49 standard: 9÷140W
  • Incandescence test: 650°C
  • Totally Insolated: Yes (Class II)
  • Material: Techno polymer | Halogen free
  • IK grade at 20°C: IP40: IK06
  • IK grade at 20°C: IP66: IK07
  • Cable Entry: PG/SIZE
  • Possibility to fix the terminal blocks: Yes
  • Color: White RAL 9003 | Color: Grey RAL 7035

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BLOCK Series Boxes

  • Cover made of RAL 7035 gray plastic engineering impact-resistant and self-extinguishing.
  • Socket IEC 309 made of impact-resistant material, self-extinguishing, approved by IMQ and others European quality certifications.
  • Domestic socket 10/16A approved by IMQ CEI 23-5 and CEI 23-16 IMQ approval.
  • Equipment Protection (MCBs,RCDs or RCBOs) or control devices housed inside the cabinet in separate compartment, equipped with a DIN rail and covered with a clear window that locks with a triangular key.
  • IP44 and IP66 |Double insolation.
  • According to the norms: 
    IEC 670, (empty enclosures),
    EN60439-1 (all versions) | EN60439-4 (portable versions)
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OMINIA Series Boxes

  • Level protection IP55 for IEC 529 CEI 70-1
  • Double insolation (use inferior insulation covers provided)
  • Made of thermoplastic material halogen free, self-extinguishing. RAL 7035 Grey, not normal resistance to fire until 650°C (Incandescence test according to IEC 695-2-1).
  • Dimensional stability on continuum operation of -20°C to +85°C.
  • Resistant to impact: 6J
  • Resistant to chemical products (water, salt solutions, acids, bases, mineral oils).
  • Possibility of fire detector installation (CEI 64-8) and AD-FT (CEI 64-2) environment.
  • Fixing screws with quickly stainless steel screw.
  • Non-aged elastomer seals.
  • Conform with CEI 23-48 and CEI 23-49, IEC 670 (only for coupled boxes to consumption unit or with white cover)
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MBOX Series

  • Panels MBOX are made of engineering resin designed for outdoor installations, gray RAL 7035 provided with high mechanical robust, good resistance to impacts and excellent dimensional stability even at high temperatures.
  • Working Temperatures: according to the reference standard: from -25°C to +40°C | maximum working temperature: +60°C| excellent resistance to bad weather | high resistance to UV rays;
  • Self-extinguishing: According to IEC 60695-2-1 (Glow-Wire Test): 650°C.
  • Conform the norms: EN 60439-1 – EN 60439-4.
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CUBIK Series

  • Level Protection: IP55
  • Operating temperature: -25°C +60°C
  • Color: Grey RAL 7035
  • Press covers tight or 1/4-turn screw.
  • Co-printed join in the version provided with screws.
  • Connection tight 5 levels.
  • Preset for DIN rail or terminal fixing.
  • Fixing on piece with threaded rod for versions with release cover | Fixing system out of cabling area.
  • Numbered outputs to make the identification of circuits easier.
  • Possibility to write on cover (inside) to make the identification of circuits easier.
  • Covers for total insolation provided on the kit.
  • Mechanical resistance according to the norm EN 50102 at 20°C: IK07.
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The material used to manufacture SCARBOX series stand out for their resistance to mechanical tensions and the weather. Particularly:

  • Anti-impact plastic engineering, self-extinguishing, halogen-free;
  • RAL7035 gray, stabilized, ensuring no color migration;
  • Operation temperature: -25°C +35°C | Insolation according to EN 60439-1;
  • Voltage available: 440V~;
  • Stainless steel screw high resistant to corrosion and mechanical tensions.
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MEGA Series

MEGA Series sets are supported on a strong metal frame with protective roof and are designed for power distribution on construction zones with connection range of 90 KW to 370 KW. Cabinets of distribution made of thermo plastic material, designed to involve the main terminal module.

  • Consume units for the installation of protective devices (MCB and RCD);
  • General protection disconnecting switch that can be locked;
  • Level Protection: IP55 | Conform with: EN60439-1 e EN60439-4.
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